Cathy Dawson began her career at J&L eight years ago as an Administrative Assistant or self-proclaimed “phone girl”.  From her first day, she never missed an opportunity to learn or help someone else.  Noticing her talent and drive to succeed, she earned promotions to Finishing, FPI and Vibratory Coordinator, and then to Finishing Manager.  She has worked her way through the ranks, proving herself time and time again by using her outstanding ability to inspire and organize our team.  Cathy’s determination and passion for our J&L family has earned her the title of our new Chief Operating Officer!  We asked Cathy some questions about the future of J&L:

What makes J&L stand out among other similar services?

“For me, it’s the people working here.  I come to work and am surrounded by an incredible amount of talent every day, but there is also heart, integrity, respect and generosity.  I am so honored to be able to be a part of this team.  We have some team members who have been here for years and have so much knowledge and passion for what they do.  We also have many new hires that have been the product of our recent growth.  It is great to see them so excited to learn new skills from some of the best in the industry.  Each employee, from our veterans to our new hires, takes great care to provide the best possible product for our customers. ”

How do you see J&L growing in the future?

“The Executive Team has spent a great deal of time and research mapping out a path for the next five years. It is an exciting time for all of us!  We will be opening up several new revenue streams that will not only allow us the opportunity to help our customers, but we will also be able to expand our J&L family.  That being said, we must stay forward thinking and be prepared to embrace unexpected opportunities that come our way.  Never get so set on your path that you become unwilling to explore other avenues.  Our main focus is to provide solutions for our customers.  I think if we keep listening to them, there are endless opportunities.”

J&L will be celebrating their 30th anniversary next year.  What do you think the recipe for J&L’s success has been?

“Obviously, J&L’s unwavering commitment to providing top notch quality and achieving the exact specifications of our customers keeps us successful.  But, again, I am going to go back to the people.  We are so fortunate that Lisa and Larry have built a company that recognizes the commitment and hard work of its own employees.  Providing training and support in order to help develop their talent allows us to retain great people and grow our company.”