Finishing Services

J&L offers superior service in the finishing, shaping and deburring of super alloy investment castings. From the infancy of production, we can customize a process to meet your exact needs and specifications. You can rely on J&L’s skilled team of expert craftsmen to meet the unique critical dimension demands of your investcast components. Let us take your part from prototype to finished product - in the “dock-to-stock” quality standard you expect only from the very best.

Hand & Manual Finishing

With over 60 years of combined experience, our artists understand how critical dimensional conformance is to the quality of a product. From tightly toleranced surface profiles to heavy parting line removal, the finishing team at J&L is among the elite.

With the current cost to manufacture products it is imperative that manufacturers are able to salvage potentially scrap products. Our extensive repertoire of salvage equipment at J&L, provides the best opportunity to customers to salvage scrap products. We strive to do all we can to help the customer maintain the highest possible profit margins for their products.

Vibratory Media Finish and Blast Cabinets

Vibratory Media Finish
Blast Cabinets