Other Services

Feel free to contact us for information about any of the services listed below.

3D Printing


Our capabilities allow us to utilize SLA 3D printing technology to create unique parts that will meet our customers’ requirements. With the access to a wide range of materials and the ability to create parts with .025mm layer thickness, our printing services will accommodate any complex geometry with extreme accuracy.

Reverse Engineering


J&L’s reverse engineering services gives customers critical product information that will allow them to revise and improve on current product design. Our service takes a physical part to CAD model using accurate techniques to ensure dimensional accuracy. Reverse Engineering can allow customers to:

  • Have an exact representation of current product condition.
  • Analyze competitor technology
  • Create a CAD version of legacy parts.
  • Optimize current product design.
  • Rapid Prototyping


Computer Code Stock

Our data automation or scripting services can help your team simplify repetitive and mundane data entry or translation so you can focus more on what you do best.

You can find more information about how we have used scripting and data automation to streamline our process here.