Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is a method of deconstructing a part to answer questions about how a part is made, how it works, and how it can be made better. Through reverse engineering, businesses can optimize a product’s production and effectiveness.

When Do Manufacturers use Reverse Engineering? 

Legacy Parts

When businesses that manufacture needed parts go out of business, it’s up to others to find ways to manufacture that part themselves. Reverse engineering allows businesses to reclaim and improve upon old products that lack technical drawings or products formerly supplied by businesses that have shut down. 

Product Improvement and Design 

Sometimes, it’s all about improving upon the parts that already exist. By deconstructing a part and looking into its makeup and functions, manufacturers can discover new, better ways of making the parts they have. Discoveries made during the reverse engineering process can lead to increased product durability and capability, reduced product material cost, or increased product production efficiency. Typically, reverse engineering falls to the R&D department, but if your company lacks an R&D team or is keeping them busy with other products, we can do it for you.

Reverse Engineering Process

Reverse Engineering is a two-step process. Our team will utilize our highly accurate scanning equipment to collect digital data that represents the physical part. That data is then used to create a CAD modelthat can then go through a number of computer generated tests. These tests predict the product’s real-world performance, allowing design engineers to continue tweaking and testing the product design before creating physical models.

How Long Does Reverse Engineering Take and How Much Does it Cost?

Because reverse engineering changes depending on the product at hand and the customer's end goal, the time and cost required to complete the process varies. Each method of reverse engineering has its own time constraints and demands. For a custom quote on your reverse engineering project, ​contact our service team​. We’d love to hear about the products you need help with and give you details on the time and cost of completing your project.