A few years ago, Brian Cassada was in search of a new challenge.  He was looking for a company where he could utilize his quality and project management background to provide solutions and drive an impact.  Thankfully, he found J&L.  During his interview every member of the team knew he would be a great fit.  Our management team was so sure of this, they called him before he had made it back home from the interview.  Since then, Brian has used every moment of his time at J&L to drive change and have a positive impact on our team, our customers, and our community.  He has worked endlessly to increase efficiency and create a team environment while managing our layout, quality, and sales departments.  Brian’s passion for J&L and our team shines through.

What makes J&L stand out among other similar services?

J&L is an exciting company that believes in the investment of its people.  There is a new opportunity every single day to make a difference and drive impact.  We believe in sourcing our people and helping them become what they believe they can become.   For our customers, we provide real customer service.  We don’t just deliver data, a product, or a report.  We provide relationships with industry experts who have years of experience providing solutions to companies.  When you work with J&L, you’re getting decades of industry experience to back up all of those reports and data.

How do you see J&L growing in the future?

Oh wow.  Our focus is taking our core competencies and dreaming up new ways to drive impact.  I see J&L growing in technology.  We’re investing in new, cutting edge technology to service our customers better.  We’ve been talking to our customers to really understand their struggles and have come up with ways we can offer solutions.  J&L will be starting to offer several new services in the near future: drone scanning, long-range scanning, scripting, 3D printing.  This growth involves more than an investment in technology, but also an investment in our team.  We have recently communicated all of the upcoming opportunities to our employees and got a great response.  We’re excited to give everyone a chance to learn and be a part of the vision for our future.

J&L will be celebrating their 30th anniversary next year.  What do you think the recipe for J&L’s success has been?

Open-mindedness.  The ownership has been willing to listen and hear ideas and opportunities that have been presented to them.  They take a look at what’s best for the company and what works for our industries and they make decisions based on that information.  I really think our success has been attributed to being open-minded about what’s out there, what we can do, and not telling a customer “no” right away, but working with them to come up with solutions.

Meagan Webb