Job Description

The Facilities Maintenance Manager ensures production continuity by properly maintaining the facilities reliability of all equipment, operation and safety requirements as documented in the J & L Dimensional Services, Inc. Quality System. Ensures daily checks and effective communication amongst all shifts of Mechanics, Leads, and department Managers. Performs duties and responsibilities as listed in specific duties and responsibilities below.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • Read and understand blueprints, schematics and equipment operating manuals.
  • Work individually as well as on a team.
  • Work in a standing and/or lifting position approximately 90% of the time.
  • Understand, operate and repair machinery, equipment, various hand tools, power tools, air tools.
  • Operate and repair hand grinding tools, beltguns, belt machines, sandblast cabinets and various holding fixtures, cut off machines, cut off saws, fork lift trucks, and hand carts.
  • Perform maintenance skills as required.
  • Perform basic electrical wiring installation and repair.
  • Perform basic plumbing installation and repair.
  • Perform installation and repair of natural gas, water and air lines.
  • Performs Delivery Driver skills as required.
  • Perform servicing skills as required.
  • Work in an environment of constant noise levels, while wearing earplugs and safety glasses with side-shields.
  • Accurately document reporting criteria and input data for record keeping
  • Have a basic knowledge of computer hardware and application software.
  • Be capable of doing multiple tasks.
  • Verify quality of work, work to tolerances, recognize defects and reroute nonconforming customer-supplied products.
  • Perform receive-in and shipping requirements.
  • Work quickly, yet accurately, to meet schedules.
  • Have proficient knowledge of industrial maintenance, machinery & equipment repair & maintenance, interior and exterior plant cleaning and maintenance.
  • Overseeing and agreeing contracts and providers for services including security, parking, cleaning and so on.
  • Supervising multi-disciplinary teams of staff including cleaning, maintenance grounds and security.
  • Ensuring that basic facilities, such as water and heating are well maintained.
  • Managing budgets and ensuring cost-effectiveness.
  • Allocating and managing space between buildings.
  • Ensuring that facilities meet government regulations and environmental, health and security standards.
  • Advising Senior Staff on increasing energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Overseeing building projects, renovations and refurbishments.
  • Drafting reports and making written recommendations.
  • Oversee the company’s preventative maintenance program.
  • Be manually adept.
  • Perform other duties as required.

Qualifications and Training Required

  • A Facilities Maintenance Manager is required to read and understand technical and non-technical documents that relate to the repair and maintenance of the company’s building, grounds, machinery and equipment. This includes the ability to interface with both technical and non-technical personnel.
  • Five years previous experience in industrial maintenance, installation and repair of plumbing & electric, installation and repair of natural gas, water and air lines, cleaning & maintenance of building and grounds.
  • Technical courses and/or certifications in the above requirements will be considered in lieu of experience.

Other Information

Type: Full-Time

Salary: $55,000 to $58,000/year

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