Automation in any industry can drastically increase efficiency, productivity, and revenue.  While automation regarding robots have made significant headway in recent years it is the automation of data that has had the greatest impact for us.  By utilizing the skill sets of those who know scripting and programming languages we have been able to alleviate the mundane, reform old processes, or create entirely new processes that save the company both time and money.

By using scripts, we have been able to make already incredible software even faster and more efficient.  A script can perform repetitive tasks that would normally require constant user input thus speeding up the process and freeing up the user to focus on other tasks.

Scripting can also be a faster solution to random or irregular tasks that would require many hours to complete.  An example of ours would be a request to go back through a large amount of data and re-inspect the data under new conditions.  This was a challenge presented to us that we predicted would take no less than 20 hours.  Using Python scripting language, we were able to accomplish the task in fewer than 8 hours, and for most of the time unattended.

We aim to set our sights even higher as we move into utilizing databases in conjunction with our programming knowledge to automate and securely store data from nearly all aspects of what we do.  Spreading data across multiple files can become both messy and cumbersome. By creating a data warehouse and developing applications to view and manipulate the data it allows everyone to share the same information and reduces errors and time needed to correct those errors. This also give the administration a central location to set regulations on the data that is being accessed further reducing the chance of errors and increasing the level of security.

Data automation itself is a service we intend to provide. We have benefited so much from data automation that we wish to share that success with our clients. We want to help others improve their processes and change the way data is transported to and from our clients in an attempt to make a faster, more secure, and automated connection between us and the them.