J&L offers superior service in the finishing, shaping and deburring of super alloy investment castings and additive manufactured or metal parts. J&L's finishing team includes both outstanding seasoned finishers that take pride in their work and a review team that is second to none. J&L can blend your critical dimensional features in (cord width, profile, throat openings) while maintaining wall thicknesses. J&L can also provide gate removal.


"We are not just Dremel jockeys, we are true artists"

Equipment / Capacity
40 finishing booths 
We have additional capacity at this time

small blades to large industrial gas turbine components in excess of 500 lbs

Products Finished (Core and Solid)
Blades                Nozzles
Segments           Structural
Stators                Industrial Gas Turbine (IGT)

Types of Finishing Done
Gate removal/ Cutoff
Deburring Services
Shaping to place key features (i.e. - chord width, throat openings)                               New Service: 3D Printing 
Investigating negatives for blending while maintaining wall thickness                           Additive manufacturing - Cutoff                   
Weld Blend                                                                                                                     Additive manufacturing - Finishing
Salvage repair                                                                                                                3D Metal Printing - Cutoff & Finishing
FPI rework                                                                                                                      3D Printing - Cutoff & Finishing
Hand style filet of part to expose internal features

Self-sourced tooling made up of the following materials:
     - aluminum oxide/ via mounted points       - aluminum oxide belts
     - silicon carbide/ via mounted points         - Dotco Dremel Air Guns
     - carbide burrs                                           - Dynafile 1 & 2 Belt Guns

Customer provides inspection summary sheets with key feature dimensions.
Most hard gages are customer-provided; CMM inspection of part at end of process available.
Mitutoyo Profilometer

Upon request. J&L capabilities include:
     - Empire and Trinco cabinets
     - pressure and gravity fed blast cabinets
     - Media includes:
          - Aluminum oxide
          - silicon carbide
          - glass bead

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