Coordinate Measuring Machine scanning overview

J&L's CMM offering includes precise inspection performed on one of 3 CMMs by certified inspectors with decades of experience. Our CMM programmers offer more than just reports and data, often helping you with your testing design to get to the root cause or problem to be solved. The bottom line - we are problem solvers and solution providers!

View gallery of examples Get a Quote Equipment / Capacity
2 Dea Gamma and 1 Browne & Sharpe with PC-DMIS 2016 software
PC-DMIS Blade Software
Discus Software
Mitutoyo Profilometer
Romer Arm

Maximum size for effective testing is 24" Wide X 28" H X 40" long. Anything bigger see 3D inspection product family.

Product Inspected/ Layouts
Industrial Gas Turbine (IGT)
Pump housings
Engine Cylinders
Casette Case
Knee implant
Hip Implant
Shoulder Implant
Implant Tooling
Marine propellers

Types of Layouts
Full or partial &/or external study

First article inspection
Root Cause Analysis
Probability studies
Last article inspection
Quality Control
Rapid Manufacturing
Reverse Engineering
Performance correlations
Repeatability and Reliability (R&R)
Third Party Verification

Tools Available
    - Discus ballooning
    - Excel summaries of probability
    - Wire EDM Sodic for section slicing

Report Delivery
    - J&L-provided FTP site

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